The “Internet” Me

I didn’t expect to find too much information about myself on the Internet and I was correct in my assumption. It only makes sense as I don’t post personal information. I haven’t filled in any of my personal details on either my Facebook or Twitter account, and I don’t subscribe to any other social networking sites. I’m just not sure I want all my personal information spread across cyberspace. I’m also not sure why I’m hesitant. Maybe it’s because of the news reports about identity theft or the fact that it feels like big brother is watching my every move (and trying to decide how best to use the information for their profit). Yes, there are privacy settings that can be set, but they seem to change like the weather and I don’t want to have to remember to modify my settings every time the site makes changes. I did Google myself to see what kind of information would turn up. I didn’t find much which makes me quite happy. There was some information pertaining to my work, a mention in my paddling club’s newsletter and the fact that I have a Facebook page, but it was all rather mundane and none of it was of a personal nature.

While some people may create alternate online identities, I haven’t created any other me’s, mainly because I haven’t found any reason to do so. As for personal branding, I guess you could say that mine is private. I can see where having one’s information on the net could be an advantage (or disadvantage depending on what it posted). It opens up the opportunity to connect with past friends and acquaintances. For those searching for employment, having a page on a site such as LinkedIn provides an easy way to get your resume out to a vast audience. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll change my mind, but for the time being I’m keeping my privacy settings turned on high.


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