Well as this particular series of blogs comes to an end, it’s time to reflect back on the course. The material covered throughout the five weeks provided an in-depth look at the various social media sites available, many of which I have never used and more still that I had never heard of. While I do not use social media to any extent I can see how it could be used as a valuable resource and not just for its entertainment value. Was there anything new that I discovered? Most of the communication theories were new to me and while I now know about a lot more sites, I doubt that I’ll be using any of them any time soon.  It’s not that I don’t see the value in social media – it’s hard not to. Over the last few years there have been many news stories associated with social media. These stories demonstrate the growing importance of social media across the globe. Events such as the Arab Spring showed how just how quickly information can spread and how quickly protests can be organized. The more recent Boston bombings showed not only the benefits of accessible real time information but also some of the downfalls such as the misinformation that was being circulated. For better or worse, social media is here to stay. As with any tool, it’s knowing how to use it, knowing what can go wrong when it’s used incorrectly, but also knowing just how helpful it can be when it’s used to its full advantage.


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